Date: Monday, August 5, 2002
Topeak has been advised of an accident resulting in personal injury involving a Topeak Joe Blow Comp Pump. As a result of this accident, Topeak is initiating a product recall of all Topeak Joe Blow Comp Pumps which bear the following date codes: 

200003, 200004, 200005, 200006, 200007, 200008, 200009, 200010, 200011 200012, 200101, 200102, 200103, 200104, 200105, 200106, 200107, 200108

Consumers are requested to return all Joe Blow Comp pumps bearing the above date codes to the company where the pump was purchased for a replacement or full refund. 

Return the pump to the dealer you bought it from for an upgraded
replacement model called the Joe Blow PX.

Or call Todson, Inc. 
(800) 213-4561 x354. 
Todson will send a replacement after we arrange for a
UPS pick up of your Joe Blow COMP pump.

If there any questions concerning this product recall notice, please contact Neal Todrys, President of Todson Inc., at (800) 213-456, ext. 350. 
This recall has been reported to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission who will monitor its effectiveness.